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Success Stories

Laura Curtis

“The treatments have been, for me, life-saving. Especially the pool, has just done wonders for me. There are so many alternatives that they have there that there’s just no reason to go anywhere else. They’re very genuine on how you feel. If there’s anything wrong, there not going to push you but they’re going to challenge you. I’m really, really impressed with Complete Care.”VIEW VIDEO

Marty Perlaky

“My name is Marty. I am a teacher and a cross-country coach. I tried chiropractic. I tried exercises. Finally, kind of as a last resort, before injection therapy or even surgery, my doctor decided, let’s try Complete Care. Complete Care at Holiday Park is someplace that if you’re having low back pain or if you’re having back pain, you want to come here first.”VIEW VIDEO

Ronda Turner

“My name is Ronda Turner. I was having problems with my back from the job. After you leave here, you can go do everything. Run, walk, jump. I could do none of that. It’s positive and funny and they make you feel right at home. Complete Care at Holiday Park is fantastic and I will come back here every chance I get.”VIEW VIDEO


“I can’t say enough good things about my Complete Care at Holiday Park experience. My husband and I both have avoided back and knee surgery by having personalized care from the friendly and professional staff. The combination of a trained therapist in the pool working with us at all times and the other equipment area is a winner. We will be forever grateful for the care we received. Oh did I mention the maintenance program when your treatment is finished -very reasonable and something to look forward to.”
Terry Beck
“I was so comfortable and secure with my care here that I knew this was the only place for me. The staff is so caring and aware of you and what you are going through that I trusted no one else with my recovery. Anytime I had a question, concern or just needed to talk with them, they were always—without hesitation, there for me. The staff is so cheerful and comfortable to be around. They mesh together like a family and there is always a “Good Morning or Hello” from someone when you arrive and a “Have a great day” when you leave. This staff offers skills, training and education for each person. They truly help you with your individual situation and teach you how to live with it and understand it.”
Susie Bricker
“The best results I have ever had. I came into this office in severe pain and stooped over and walked out standing straight with no pain. I have already recommended a number of people to try to this therapy. It’s wonderful. I had seen an ad on TV for Complete Care at Holiday Park and thought I would give it a try. I am so thankful I did. The pool, the machines, the hand manipulations (definitely more than a massage), the heat packs and various exercises have made a wonderful difference. I am doing good for an older women with arthritis and best part of all- No Surgery! An added bonus to the experience is that all the therapists and staff are so very nice, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Complete Care at Holiday Park to anyone who is experiencing any pain. They will take very good care of you. “
Mary Bryce
“The entire staff at Complete Care at Holiday Park consists of very knowledgeable, professional and personable people. From the therapists to the office staff, they are all competent in their fields and exhibit very caring and approachable persona. My reason for finding this wonderful oasis was due to the overuse of my knees for about four years, which eventually was causing me to have a lopsided gait and extreme pain in my knees. Within several months, their hands on therapy, machine and band exercises, as well as the pool exercises, have led to a tremendous recovery of knee usage. I am continuing with their maintenance program to maintain functionality of my knees. My routine consists of land and water exercises to keep my knees healthy. I would highly recommend this facility for any rehabilitation needs.”
Barb Locke


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