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Our Back & Neck Programs


Experience the difference of this cutting edge evolution in spinal rehab, and take the next step to a life of better quality!

The Spinal Solutions Program utilizes a source-based treatment alternative that succeeds to provide where other treatments fail. And it’s all without the need for medications, painful injections and unpredictable surgeries.

pressure_graphic1When you treat the source, the symptoms go away – permanently.

With spinal decompression, the spine is gradually stretched to allow nutrients, oxygen and moisture back into herniated spinal discs. Numbness and tingling subside, and a pain-free lifestyle returns, allowing you to get back to the things you enjoy doing the most.

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A safe and effective option for back or neck pain caused by:


  • Herniated & bulging discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Most other spinal diagnoses

Spinal Solutions can achieve results even when these treatment haven’t:

  • Chiropractic
  • Massage
  • Traditional Physical therapy
  • Injections
  • Pain medications
  • Surgery

Spinal Solutions Program


Our programs are safe and rely on our body’s innate ability to heal itself once the harmful stresses are taken off the injured tissue(s).

Our unique Spinal Solutions Program sets us apart from all other therapy treatments. It has been over a decade in the making and grew out of our desire to find an effective alternative that does more than merely treat the symptoms. Our program utilizes the TheraSource Method to treat the source of most spinal problems, helping to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrences in the future.

Researchers at NASA discovered years ago that astronauts experiencing chronic low back pain were symptom free after prolonged time in an anti-gravity environment. The TheraSource Method utilizes this discovery, coupling spinal decompression and aquatics to mimic the effects of anti-gravity. This 21st century technology can only be found here and has been proven to solve a variety of spinal problems.

We have over a decade of experience using these protocols on thousands of patients. Our patients have returned to full and active lifestyles! In the process, we have eliminated the need for thousands of invasive procedures, such as surgery and spinal injections. We are proud that we have been instrumental in helping so many people get their lives back!



MRI1Our programs are safe and rely on our body’s innate ability to heal itself once the harmful stresses are taken off the injured tissue(s). We have had consistent success in treating patients who have failed other attempts at traditional physical, chiropractic, massage therapies, acupuncture, spinal surgery, spinal injections, etc.

Your first appointment will be a full evaluation. One of our trained therapists will educate you on your diagnosis, create an individualized plan of action detailing the best course of treatment, and answer any questions you may have about your therapy.

Our therapists are trained to not only help you recover but help you understand your recovery. We explain what we are doing and why at each appointment. After you have went through our program, we want you to continue to be able to do the things you enjoy. That is why we educate you on how to continue helping yourselves when you get back to your everyday life.

So if your are experiencing a neck or back problem that won’t go away, call now to schedule your first step to recovery with our Spinal Solutions Program. We have thousands of previous patients who are glad they did.

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