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Our Aquatics Therapy


Many of our patients who are experiencing pain, really look forward to their time in the pool.

At Complete Care at Holiday Park, we have been skilled in aquatics for over a decade. Our therapists are some of the most knowledgeable aquatic therapists in the region. We have found that we can achieve great success with all of our patients through our aquatic programs.

All of the Complete Care therapists are trained on the benefits of using Aquatic Therapy. It has been especially helpful when dealing with many issues, including:

  • Back and Neck Issues
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Balance Issues
  • Joint Replacement
  • Pre or Post Surgery
  • Orthopedic issues

Our aquatic facilities allow us to treat any diagnosis, from head to toe. When we opened each of our clinics, we made sure that we obtained the most comprehensive aquatic facilities in the region. Both of our clinics are the only local aquatic facilities to offer all of these benefits:

  • A shallow end
  • A 5 ½ to 6 ft deep end to allow for full-body therapy and weight-bearing restrictions
  • An optimal therapeutic temperature of 92-94 degrees
  • Therapists instructing in the water with their patients
  • Pools that use a special copper ionization system to eliminate all the health concerns with chlorine systems
  • Complete education on your specific problem or injury
  • Guidance on how to continue living your life, problem free, after you have graduated our program
  • A very affordable maintenance plan for any patient interested in continuing their exercises.

At Complete Care at Holiday Park we have learned over the years how to fine-tune all our programs to meet the individual needs and goals of all our patients. Although all our programs have base protocols, our highly trained therapists will create a unique and specific therapy plan just for you. We don’t believe in a one plan fits all at Complete Care. We believe each individual is different, and treat you as such. This allows us to adjust the therapy, as we see fit, and allows the therapist more control over your recovery.

The benefits of our Aquatic Programs are numerous.

1. One major benefit is the 92-94 degree temperature of our water. The warm water acts like an all over hot pack on the body.  This helps to relax the muscles and increase range of motion for a more successful therapy session. Many of our patients who are experiencing pain, really look forward to their time in the pool. Not only does the hot water relax muscles, but it also helps absorb the weight of the body, essentially creating a more pain-free experience for our patients.

2. Complete Care’s shallow to 5 ½ -6ft deep pools allow us many opportunities to specialize treatment. We can create exercises and therapies in our shallow end that can help strengthen muscles and increase range of motion. Our deep end allows us to perform an aquatic decompression therapy that is impossible to recreate in any other local pool. The deep water also allows us unique capabilities in treating full-body diagnoses such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

3. Our aquatic therapy is also unique in that our therapists are in the water with the patients.   This allows our therapists to be more hands-on and helps them better control accuracy and evaluation of the treatment.

Our therapists are trained to not only help you recover, but help you understand your recovery. We explain what we are doing and why at each appointment. After you have completed our program, we want you to continue to be able to do the things you enjoy.  That is why we educate you on how to continue helping yourself when you get back to your everyday life.

Call now so we can create your individualized treatment plan and start getting you back to being you!


Our Water/Gait Program

Not quite as confident on your feet as you used to be?? Fear of losing balance and falling? Want to shed that cane or walker and resume a more independent lifestyle?


Each year 1 in every 3 seniors suffers a fall, which can result in fracture, hospitalization, a lengthy period of recovery and a decrease in general quality of life. This can also lead to increased dependence on others in exchange for maintaining a degree of physical independence. Complete Care at Holiday Park has developed innovative programs designed to improve your strength, balance, and confidence when you are on your feet. We utilize programs that combine both land and water rehabilitation. In this way, we attack strength and balance deficits and produce a more confident gait pattern. We carry out these programs in the comfort of a warm water pool and our therapeutic exercise center with our groups of trained, experienced medical professionals.

So if you want to get rid of that walker or cane, get back to being your old self, or just want to keep your present level of independence, you owe it to yourself to go for it!

Give us a call today to get started on your new life!

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